XMas 5K Fun Run

27/12/2016 23:33

Interesting 5K Fun Run today.  With the wrong keys being provided for the pavillion HQ it was a good job the day was dry and sunny, although still very cold of course.   We got on with setting up outside but with another record turnout and glare from the sun causing IT input problems we were soon a wee bit behind time.  With help from many an excellent run soon got underway though and everyone enjoyed the most delicious soup and baking provided by our wonderful volunteers out in the winter sunshine.   We got into the pavillion eventually, happy to be able to see the computer screen, only for the results file to mysteriously disappear.  In the end we called time on further attempts to formulate the results and sent everyone home hopefully happy, tired and with full bellies!  Prizewinners will be contacted to arrange delivery of their goodies.  Race results can be found here:-


2016 SRC XMas Fun Run Results.xlsm (55,2 kB)