Fetteresso Forest Marathon

The Plan

Stonehaven Running Club brings to you the inaugural (official!) Fetteresso Forest Marathon. We set out to organise this race with three things in mind:

  1. All on forest tracks, no roads, no road crossings, entire route contained within the forest

  2. No frills, hill race mentality, keep entry as cheap as possible

  3. Full marathon distance


2018 Race

The Facts

Date: 18th February 2018
Time: 10:00
Cost: £10
Race Limit: 120 people
Prizes: Improvised!
Lead Bike: Yes
Sweeper: Yes


Start location: Half way between Stonehaven and Crathes  at a car park on the Slug Road here.

We will mark this car park on the day so it's obvious. There is parking available, but car sharing is strongly advised - please speak to your friends who are running to see if you can go together.


Weather: Cold, potentially snow.


Kit: All runners MUST carry Scottish Hill Running minimum kit (waterproof full body cover, hat, gloves, map, compass, whistle). No kit, no run. Expect a kit check. You may want to carry Yak Trax or equivalent if its snowy/icy, but these are optional.


Map: Available on the website here FFM Map.pdf. This MUST be printed and carried. No map, no run.


Water Stations: Two water stations at approximately 13 km (8 miles) and 23 km (14 miles). Only water will be provided. There are streams along the route which are all sourced within the forest and have no agricultural or farm land upstream; I have personally drank out of all of them. PLEASE NOTE that this is a cupless race. This means that our marshalls will be happy to fill up your own bottles or cup at the water stations, but we will not be providing plastic cups in order to reduce waste.


Food: No food will be provided during the race. There will be cakes etc at the end.


Course Marking: Fully marked, you shouldn’t need to refer to your map.


Littering: DO NOT LITTER! No excuses.


Anticipated FAQ

Is it a race?

Yes, but run as easy or as hard as you like.


What complex timing system will you be using?

A stopwatch.


Is it hilly?

It's constantly undulating. There will be around 880 m climb and not too many flat bits. Profile:


Can I see the route?

Yes, here: FFM Map.pdf. You must carry a map during the race.


I'm not the fastest runner, does that matter?

No - all are welcome!


Can I bring my dog?

Sadly no dogs allowed during the race, for insurance purposes.


That’s crazy, no dogs? Who are you insured through?

Scottish Hill Runners


Drop bags?



Who is the run designed for?

You (providing you can and want to run a marathon)! It will slot in perfectly as a final long training run prior to the D33 Ultra.


What mammals live in the forest?

Foxes, badgers, pine martens, red deer, roe deer, bank voles and field voles.


And how about birds?

Star species include crossbills, bullfinches, red kites, buzzards, woodcock, long-eared owls, jays, great spotted woodpeckers (and if you're really lucky there may be an eagle or two!).




2018: FFM 2018 Results.xlsx (384888)

2017 (Trial event): FFM 2017 Results.xlsx (15,2 kB)