5K Handicap Run 2009

27/12/2009 14:48


53 fun runners ran today despite the rain/sleet/ice/cold, at least as many family and friends also turned out to support the event. The bad weather has limited training the past week so a number of people were just thankful to have got out and ran. The normal route had to be modified as the boadwalk and promeade had turned into an ice rink with the rain. The route was esentially from the Cowie Bridge, round Cowie and back 3 times, but starting from the postbox on the wall at Cowie. The route was a little short of the 5k distance being only 4.63 kilometres or 2.88 miles.

You can download today's results 2009, and you can also compare with previous years' results 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

You can see some photos from the prize giving by going to the photogallery.